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Isn't it a bit unusual for your kind of organization to launch an entrapment project like this? We made sure that everybody in the Internet was aware of the fact that they were dealing with a 10-year-old child from the Philippines. And we will continue to work with children who are the victims of this particular form of abuse and exploitation, but if you don't address the roots of the problem, this incredible demand worldwide for this sort of activities, you will never get anywhere. Or they're being forced into this business by their parents or other family members and they won't testify against their own family. Secondly, on the Internet there are no witnesses who could testify.

We repeated that again and again and asked them whether they were really sure they wanted to do this and pay money for a sex show. We were forced into that situation to carry out this research project. Thirdly, this is live-stream video which means that when you turn off the computer the evidence is gone.

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Over 1,000 men from 71 countries paid to see a 10-year-old girl perform sexual acts on the Internet.

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The organization has now handed over its findings to Interpol.We're already talking about tens of thousands of children who suffer this kind of abuse in the Philippines alone compared to only a couple of hundred over a year and half ago, so it's definitely on the increase.If we don't intervene now the same thing is going to happen with this phenomenon as has happened with child pornography, which is now a multi-billion dollar industry. But yes, it is unusual for an organization like ours to launch such a project. But in this case the victims are children from let's say the Philippines who are trying to make a living as a prostitute themselves so they won't come forward.Gratis camsex * Escort dames * Sex E-cards * Webcamsex * Webcam Sexpret * Gratis Gay Chat * Seks * Online gokken * Beste Sex Links * Live feed webcams * Super Webcamsex * Cam Girls * Chatten met tieners * Geile webcamboys * Webcam Bitches Naakt * Geile Webcams * Porno Chatten * Bi Sex Cams * Live xxx webcams * Porno Live * Seks Live * Porno Sexsites * I want sex cams * Sex Webcams * Camsex start hier !* 18 Webcam Sex * Camsex-sletjes * Webcamsex dutchwebcams * Enjoy Webcamsex * Kinky Sex Movies * Webcam Sex * Webcam Sex * Webcam Sex * Having webcam sex and erotic chat with the cam girls on this website is very simple.

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