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Until you have reached a certain level of strength and development it is always better to save the most advanced techniques until you have hit a sticking point and need a new boost.Any good personal trainer should be able to show you multiple training modalities to keep progress on track for several years in succession.4) The use of chains is very effective in increasing strength in the extensors only (squat, deadlift, bench press).Flexors on the other hand (preacher curls, chin-ups), respond well to pauses to create tension and chains are not really needed.Zatsiorsiky defines accommodating resistance as using special means to accommodate resistance throughout the entire range of motion rather than a specific point.Because of leverage issues and the velocity of movement, the force of any movement is less at certain joint angles.Now although this might be a useful step forward for the percentage points improvements needed by elite athletes, its hardly going to set your workouts on fire in the local gym.In fact 3% is pretty pathetic and is usually a gain that can be expected with simple modifications in lifting technique, or marginally improved nutrition.

And that’s enough to turn a semi respectable 250lb bench into 300lb plus effort that marks its owner out as a serious lifter.A 4 second eccentric is always a good rule of thumb.And you MUST explode and keep pushing hard throughout the entire duration of the movement due to the nature of the accommodating resistance.Thus flattening the strength curve and providing what we call accommodating resistance.In order to grow big and strong one thing should be paramount in your mind – creating maximum muscular tension by firing as many high threshold motor units as possible.

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