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To view or print the PDF files, you will need Adobe’s Acrobat Reader.If you do not already have this software installed or the latest version, download it for free from the Adobe site.Defining the type of person you want to be with is a little like making a shopping list before you head out to the grocery store.It streamlines the process, keeps you from making random or desperate choices, and prevents you from wasting time (the last thing you want at the store—or in dating).Whenever you’re feeling sad or desperate, remember those good points.It will take some practice, but almost any negative thought about being single can be switched to a good one.Think: Does the person’s age or physical appearance matter?What about personality traits—would you like someone who’s sensitive, inquisitive, easygoing, adventurous, or smart? Maybe it’s smoking cigarettes, being in financial debt, having terrible manners, or generally being closed-minded.

When you meet new people, this list will become an invaluable tool.You may have difficulties viewing these files with versions of Acrobat Reader older than 4.0.NOTE: These articles are free to use but cannot, in any form, be altered.It will remind you to make sure that your needs and desires are being met.Instead of worrying about what your date thinks about you, as you might have done before, your list will help you to determine if that person is going to make you happy.

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    There’s no reason to make things hard on yourself by trying to screw a girl who isn’t smart enough to count to ten in a language she was Half the girls here dream of being married to a white guy, and when she tells her family she’s dating a foreigner, they practically high-five each other.

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    This technique has become more widely used since the late 1950s.

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