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So since celebrities are average, I wasn’t going to put average on my profile, because I am not quite as good-looking as a celebrity, which would be so boring and non-unique. I can play sports but I don’t think that when someone first meets me they think, “She must have played softball in college.” Which I did, but for three years only, and I was on and off the bench. Because of my medium athleticism and my slight softness, I wasn’t going to put “athletic” or “fit”. I have a figure, and it’s not empty, that’s for sure. Perhaps calling it “half-full” was a more optimistic way of looking at it. The term “full-figured” reminded me of Marilyn Monroe, who was particularly gorgeous for her time, but has unfortunately been dead for many years.

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The hard truth is that “curvy” might be just something that overweight women say to avoid the difficult fact that they are overweight.It could be the equivalent to saying that you are big-boned, which I might be.I’m tall, but height is often just an excuse people use when their mom passive-aggressively informs them that they are gaining weight. The only two answers that my smart alt-comedy-esque sense of humour didn’t allow me to eliminate were “jacked” and “used up”. I mean, I have an arthritic knee and neck wrinkles, but I think I am at least 5 years away from being used up.” but then he would check out the photos and see that I am holding a beer, slightly tilted, and “bro-ing out” with some dudes in every single one of them.There’s also photo-taking issue I have where my left eye doesn’t open as much as the other.

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