Avg stops updating

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After a week (and it may not take you that long), uninstall and try the other one. Sometimes the only way to find out what will work for you is a "test drive". though I have read on many sites, people preferring avast over avg. I would recommend you download AVG 7.5 rather than AVG 8.0 there has been several promblems with AVG 8.0 I don't want to uninstall and then install it back because AVG 7.5 stops updating at the end of this year. I've been using avg for months now, and had no problems with it.. I'd still say, go for avg 7.5 ;) until the end of the year Hi, I have been using AVG 8.0 for a few months now.I would perfer AVG 7.5 until the end of the year as well.Good luck And also to add to the note, AVG 8.0 can clash with other malware or spyware programs such as Spybot and Spywareblaster but this has been clarified to the AVG unit and i read some where they are working on a solution.Delete any malware that is discovered during the scan. Wait for at least one minute and restart your computer. Choose the AVG program and click "Uninstall." Once the uninstall is complete, restart your computer. Check the box labeled "Start Automatic Updates." Set the update to run every day at a time that is best for you.This may clear any "bugs" that are keeping the AVG software from updating. Reinstall AVG through the company's website using the link in Resources. If the software asks you to restart the computer, do this now.

Avast takes about 3.5 hours to finish my computer, but AVG only take 2 hours sometime 1 hour.

Avast takes about 3.5 hours to finish my computer, but AVG only take 2 hours sometime 1 hour.

Avast is very good too, however the scans take too long.

Want to know more about Consumer Affairs accredited brands? FIND OTHER COMPANIESThis was originally free but I intended to upgrade and not able to do so.

My tablet order was continued as the free version even with AVG Customer support advice could not change Google Play Store subscription to paid.

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