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After WWII, air combat was supposed to be all about intercepting nuclear-armed strategic bombers at long range. Naval Ordnance Test Station at China Lake in California’s Mojave Desert, a few dozen gadgeteers under physicist William B.

The experts fancied missiles with radar guidance, though this required launch planes to track and “paint” targets with microwaves throughout attack runs. Mc Lean were toying with lead-sulfide proximity fuzes that were sensitive to the infrared radiation generated by heat.

Many of these representatives bring their own unique skills to the group, with respect to helicopters, engineering, and their knowledge of the region in which they are located.

The team is backed up by the accounts and research staff, who do an excellent job keeping us all in line.

2007 saw the further addition of Antony Rivolta to the partnership, again with many years of experience in aircraft sales, including time spent with Bombardier and British Aerospace.The distance of an infrared blip’s reflection from the axis of spin indicated its angle-off; current from the centrally mounted lead-sulfide detector kept the “eye” on target via electromagnets around its rim and controlled the missile’s canard guide fins.Future astronaut Wally Schirra, then a hotshot Korea veteran with a Mi G-15 kill to his credit, remembered his first visit to the lab.This finally brought him into the world of aviation sales itself.Whilst much of his work is out of the Guernsey office now, he also covers the general inspection of aircraft for clients and is still known to once in a while jump into an aircraft and ferry it halfway around the world with the new owner in tow.

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