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The top sphere includes a restaurant which has a panoramic view of Brussels.In 2013, CNN named it Europe's most bizarre building.One triangular piece about 2 metres (7 ft) long sold for €1,000.(planning the 50th anniversary celebrations of Expo 58), in the city of Mechelen announced a "cultural guerrilla strike" by asking people to send in their old photographs of the Atomium and requested 100 photoshoppers to paint over the balls. So, you've probably been sued by the SABAM (Belgian Copyright Company) because of the Waterkeyn Family.

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The Atomium was built as the main pavilion and icon of the 1958 World Fair of Brussels.

The Atomium, designed to last six months, was not destined to survive the 1958 World's Fair, but its popularity and success made it a major element of the Brussels landscape.

Its destruction was therefore postponed year after year, until the city's authorities decided to keep it.

On 14 February 2006, the Atomium was officially reopened by then Prince Philippe and, on 18 February 2006, it opened again to the public. Brussels and the Atomium Association paid one third of the costs, the Belgian government financed two thirds.

To help pay for renovations, pieces of the old aluminium plates were sold to the public as souvenirs.

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