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On the west side of the motel, in room 203, investigators found convicted sex offender Bryant Daugherty, a woman and a black .38 Special revolver.Daugherty, 45, an eight-time felon from Detroit, had to be pepper-sprayed during the arrest.“Mr. Then, reminiscent of a lot of things that I’ve seen all too recently, the officer says ‘oh, you’re resisting.’ So they pepper-sprayed Mr.Daugherty’s defense lawyer Andrew Densemo accused investigators of wrongdoing during the raid.“They kicked the door in the bathroom..door fell on Mr. “They put him in handcuffs and put him against the wall. Daugherty obviously is upset and as he’s leaning against the wall, he’s hitting his head against the wall. The window was open and agents watched Randol, 41, also an eight-time felon from Detroit, try to toss two packages to the street, according to court records. Randol and Daugherty are facing criminal charges in federal court.Wall-to-wall needles While agents were arresting Randol, another team was storming a nearby room.

As many as 20 women were forced to live in inhumane conditions and have sex with customers in motel rooms that cost per night — or for three hours.“I’ve never seen anything like this in my life,” said Jeremy Forys, a Homeland Security Investigations special agent who helped plan the Victory Inn raid.Finding ‘Tone’Despite rescuing 14 women and making two arrests, agents didn’t find the leader of the alleged criminal enterprise.Agents learned of a leader overseeing drugs and sex trafficking at Victory Inn after launching the investigation Sept. That’s when a suspected human trafficking victim was taken to Detroit Receiving Hospital after ingesting heroin, court records show.“The woman was pretty incoherent,” Forys testified during a court hearing.Law enforcement personnel from 20 agencies, including U. Customs and Border Protection, Detroit, Dearborn and Taylor police departments, spent about three months investigating and preparing for the raid plus a dozen nights of undercover surveillance.Agents pulled blueprints from Detroit City Hall while planning the raid and interviewed suspected human trafficking victims.

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