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Traffickers regularly post photographs of their victims posed in hotel rooms for online advertisements.

These photographs are evidence that can be used to find and prosecute the perpetrators of these crimes.

That's the last time this app was updated for sure.

For this release there where numerous of small fixes to improve the performance and add better support for i OS 10. Many others have camera views that are time stamped in 2011!!!

I just saw this on Facebook and downloaded it as I'm staying in a hotel for a couple of days.

I haven had a chance to submit pics yet, but I think a great feature to add would be an option for reminders to upload pics when the location service thinks your at a known hotel.

All you can do is choose between JPG or BMP for camera snapshots, and MPEG or AVI for videos, besides setting video quality and framerate.

Then again, if all you want to do is capture simple webcam videos and snapshots without all the rings and bells of other applications, My Cam is what you’re looking for.

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