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and whatever else it is that Jared Leto does in his spare time (he’s notoriously elusive). This week, however, the actor returns in the Jared Leto-iest of ways: as a transgender AIDS victim in the highly anticipated . LETO: [] They were really painful initially—I couldn’t sleep the first night, it was so excruciating. While I was there I was climbing mango trees and just having a freak-out on the whole place.

He seems at once grateful about his success and ambivalent about his celebrity. “I have no idea what you’re talking about,” says Leto, who recently completed this month’s JARED LETO: It’s the story of three people who break into a house to try to recover some hidden money. Or maybe I’m just lying and like these dark, kind of masochistic experiences. And I fantasized about being a drug dealer when I was a kid. We think it’s empty and once we get in, we realize there is a woman [Jodie Foster] who has locked herself in the very room we need to get into; the panic room. LETO: And when I was a kid I was the king of mullets. I feel proud of what I’ve done recently, and that’s a nice feeling. I have films [in my background] that I refuse to utter the title of. I thought it would be a good opportunity; I knew the market would be strong. KEEPS: No more bizarre that the rest of this conversation. LETO: I went through a little phase, and had a few different tags. LETO: [] Junior is the black sheep of a wealthy family. And while my grandfather was sick in bed, dying, I suffered through changing his colostomy bags so I could find out where he hid this missing money. You know, in the interest of good entertainment, I wonder how much of the story I should be giving away. was a great opportunity for him to inflict some more damage on me. But he’s a great person to work with, so knowledgeable about what he’s doing every second of a day, that it’s a pleasure to be in his world. What would take some people four to six hours to do, she was doing in an hour. KEEPS: I read a bio of you that says you led a “peripatetic childhood.” What does that mean? I was raised by my mom and we moved many, many times. When I was 12 we were in Haiti; that was an unforgettable experience. And you know, it’s really painful to be born with a lot of money and opportunity—I tell you that realizing that sarcasm doesn’t read in print at all. KEEPS: Even if it means wearing your hair in cornrows, as you did for this part? But the woman who did [the braiding], named Candy—who has a salon in L. It’s a sophisticated country in some ways, but at the same time it’s also the poorest country in the Western hemisphere.

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