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These eight legged creatures have highly developed sense of sight that helps them to hunt efficiently in the low light levels of the deep waters. They have sensory receptors at the bottom of their suckers that enable them to "taste" whatever they touch. A female octopus lays up to 150,000 eggs in two weeks!The mother protects the eggs from the predators for the entire two months.If you are looking at a picture of the oceans, you definitely would not miss the octopus.This animal with eight arms, is one of the most intelligent creatures of the salty waters of the seas and oceans.The most remarkable fact about octopuses is that they have a number of defense mechanisms.They can change the color of their body to merge with the surrounding that helps them to stay invisible from prey or predators.However, certain environmental and behavioral factors may worsen eyelid twitching, such as caffeine consumption, stress, and smoking.

These creatures hunt at night, and are stealth hunters.They have a bulbous head with which they propel themselves as they swim, with their arms trailing behind like long tentacles.These arms are located around their mouth and have suckers on the underside.Eyelid twitching usually occurs every few seconds and lasts for a few minutes. Sometimes the twitching results in the eye being held closed until the movement stops, but this is not always the case.In most cases of eyelid twitching, no identifiable cause can be found.

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