Choosing others dating and mate selection

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Similarly, studies in recent years have shown that genetic similarity or difference is a factor involved in mate selection [3,4].The scientific development in gene research provides researchers with detailed information regarding the genetic profile of couples and enables an examination of the mate selection process based also on these data.Studies by Surra and colleagues [17-19] were also innovative in the way that they examined mate selection within a wider context.Their findings led to the development of the interpersonal process model, which, for the first time, gave genuine space to the social variable as one of the components considered when choosing a partner.Thus, for example, in a study of three population groups, European-American, Mexican, and African, the first two groups were found to have a pattern of skinrelated genetic similarity or difference, such as a tendency to pigmentation, whereas in the African population group, genetic similarity was found in morphogenetic traits related to growth and height in adulthood.The researchers addressed the fact that selection processes based on genetic similarity or difference are culturedependent and vary from one population group to another.

It claims that mate selection is to be directly motivated by the desire and/or need to produce offspring with high survival ability [1,2].Murstien [12] developed a mate selection model in which couples proceed through three stages: the stimulus, value and role.The mutual assessment of the partners’ characteristics that are relevant at each stage determines whether or not they will move on to the next stage.Thus, for the same gene, a tendency to similarity can be seen in one group and a tendency to difference in another [4].In addition, researchers dealing with mate selection from the biological and genetic perspective have not only investigated the topic among couples, but have also investigated parents’ influence on their offspring in the mate selection process [5,6].

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