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I've created a number of Web pages on travel and recreation in the San Francisco Bay Area and California.Here you will find links to pages with photos and information on parks, beaches, trails, history, and places to visit. I spent over 34 years in the computer disk drive industry, working for IBM, Hitachi, and Western Digital.This does require producing lots of art and showing it often. Incidentally, if you have some inappropriate past posts at your Facebook page, it is advisable to go back and delete them – so they will not be viewed by future fans of your page.I examined 3 successful artist pages Hiroko Fine Art, Monika Mori Art and Natasha Wescoat.The park covers nearly 1700 acres in the rolling, grass-covered hills guarding the southern gateway to the Silicon Valley.

I know many who dislike the Facebook Timeline feature, but I find it extremely useful.

Learn what the pros are doing for their Facebook pages and don’t be afraid to copy it.

Would you like your Facebook page featured in a future post?

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