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The search was limited to English-language papers in which evaluation of some kind of OSA and/or cybersexual addiction diagnosis were described.

Moreover, only manuscripts reporting the entire version of the inventory and its psychometric features were considered.

The aim of this paper is to offer the most complete overview of these instruments focusing on the strengths and weaknesses of different tools currently available to assess different dimensions of OSA, and to suggest a simple screener for OSP. The naked self: Being a body in televideo cybersex.

The two continue to exhibit Wave's functionality as they start getting into cybering, adding in pictures, Google map widgets, surveys and ultimately inviting "Mark's wife" into the conversation who uses the playback function to watch the entire conversation unfold before serving Mark with divorce papers.

The most researched area to date has been the consumption of Internet pornography, which also has the greatest intensity of use compared to the other areas of Internet sexuality (cybersex, sex shop, sex education).

In terms of methodology, current studies span a broad spectrum with respect to data collection: interviews, questionnaires, observations, content analyses, and Internet log file recordings have all been used.

A deeper understanding of Internet sexuality is therefore important for practitioners who work in the psychological and sexological fields.

The empirical research on Internet sexuality has grown steadily since 1993.

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