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However, Neal has bad blood with Tommy, putting a sour on the possible deal.

Kelly stays at Josh and Leslie's house while her apartment is being fumigated, and is told not to enter a secret room.

Upon seeing Kelly being friends with Ramona, Leslie fears she has been replaced as Kelly's best friend.

Cooper and Josh's parents, Mark and Cindy (Alan Ruck and Jane Kaczmarek), visit to celebrate their 40th anniversary.

The trip proves to be difficult and requires the help of Josh and the roommates.

In the end, the wedding is cancelled, and Kelly learns that Cooper is a great friend.

Kelly is invited to Mexico for the wedding of her ex-boyfriend Thom (Jayson Blair) and brings Cooper as her plus one.

It debuted online on December 21, 2015, In 2011, Cooper, Barry, and Neal move into their new apartment and have a wild housewarming party, during which their new TV is stolen.

Two years later, Barry steals "back" the wrong TV from the UFC guys.

Barry's new girlfriend Ashley (Kimberly Kevon Williams) turns out to be rich, with Ashley's father Frank (Corey Reynolds) giving Barry a job.

Barry then learns that Frank's business isn't all that legitimate.

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