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Lurking underneath the industrial facade though are lots of eligible 20 and 30-something girls who are so into meeting foreign guys it's like going fishing with dynamite if you make the effort.

In Bogota, Medellin, and Cartagena foreign men looking for love and female companionship are passé, but in Barranquilla you will still get treated special.

There is nothing wrong with any of them, but you might be missing out on a true South American dating gold mine - Barranquilla.

This is a coastal city with a population of just over 1 million people, and its location on the Caribbean coastline means the European genetic influences are really obvious in the women.

You have the sultry looks of the Spaniard, the clear complexions and piercing eyes of the Germans, and the fiery intensity of the Italians.

Most single guys touring South America completely bypass Barranquilla because it's an older industrial city, so it's not as lush, tropical or frenetic as cities in the interior.

Have you ever really had beautiful girls competing for your attention?

If you go to Barranquilla and you are a pretty decent guy you will have that experience. Awesome, because when you see all the booty here you're going to feel like a fat man who just won a lifetime supply of apple pie.

It is amazing, but so few Western guys hang out in Barranquilla it gives you instant curb appeal.

Established in 1991, LCC has distinguished itself in the region by offering a different kind of educational experience.

As a Liberal Arts institution, LCC challenges students to think beyond their area of study and engage in a wide variety of other subjects – literature, economics, philosophy, and conflict transformation to name a few.

If you just happen to be blonde with blue eyes you probably won't even have to try playing nicey-nice with the girls here because they'll make the first move to get to know you.

Hey, even you ginger daywalkers might be in with a chance of scoring here.

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