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Settling into a seat at a table off the kitchen, Christina explains that her mother, Elizabeth, a onetime waitress, house-cleaner, and heroin user in Key West, probably got AIDS from a dirty needle. One shows a young woman in a jean jacket, her full, smiling face looking much like Christina’s. A later picture shows an ill woman with hollowed cheekbones and stringy hair. A few months after Elizabeth’s AIDS diagnoses, she left for a hospice (or perhaps some other type of institution) and didn’t come back.In the years that followed, living with her dad, Christina unwittingly began her own fight against HIV.Yet to researchers like Collier, she says, AZT “was the first sign that you could make a dent in this virus.” Even so, scientists’ understanding of AZT was limited.In the early days, Collier explains, they didn’t have a technique for measuring how much of the drug was in a cell, and they thought—incorrectly, it turned out—that a dose of AZT lasted only about four hours.

It was 1986—the dawn of the AIDS era—and the disease seemed both mysterious and unstoppable, spreading at a frightening rate from lover to lover, user to user, mother to child.

“There’s almost nothing in medicine that works as well as antiretroviral treatment.” Even diabetes, to which HIV is now sometimes compared because both diseases are chronic but manageable, does not have medication as effective, Golden says.

“Oral treatments of diabetes and insulin work, but the reality is that a person diagnosed with diabetes at age 35 probably does not have a normal life expectancy.” In contrast, he says that over the past two to five years, a growing body of research has shown that people with HIV on treatment can expect a normal lifespan.

The climate could not be more different from when Christina contracted the virus.

Then, researchers had no drugs at their disposal, and so little understanding of AIDS that they didn’t know it was caused by a virus.

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