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One act of terrorism arising as a result of concessions would mark the end of Tory rule for a decade.The narrative of calling the election in the national interest is still believed in some quarters and can still be made believable.I have no doubt that they will use this situation to put off an election, and will try and hang on with the support of the far-right DUP for as long as they possibly can.I sincerely hope that the other parties will not allow this to happen. They must not be allowed to push more austerity upon us, more harshness towards the disabled, more environmental damage, more badger culling, more goodies for their friends the bankers and the hedge-fund managers.Addressing Theresa May, a lesson for her and other leaders contemplating similar inclinations: Do not think that when you have political capital you can gamble and squander it away. Rosemary Collins During the election campaign Theresa May accused Jeremy Corbyn of wanting to take us back to the 1970s and told us that if elected we would be governed by a “coalition of chaos” with a small nationalist party pulling the strings.And never ever again think you can use the citizens of your country like pawns in order to accomplish your duplicitous intentions. Reading Lucy Pasha-Robinson’s article today, it would appear that we are heading for a chaotic coalition with a small nationalist party pulling the strings, a party that is obviously living in a past century – the only question is, which century?What is astonishing is that a Prime Minister, yet again, has put their party before the country’s interests, and asked a simple question.

Dr Chris James Ms May gained more seats than Labour and won the electoral vote.

The result of the election has put a question mark over how Theresa May can possibly negotiate and run the government with such a tiny and fragile majority.

It seemed to me that while I don’t like the thought of leaving the EU, nearly all politicians accept the verdict of the referendum.

A new way by which we do not have to be “up” while someone else is “down”.

By which we do not have to stand on someone else’s neck to get ahead.

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