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Artist: Space: Italian singer Peppe Voltarelli, now living in Berlin, has a colorful background in song and theatre. Benda Bilili means "look beyond appearances" is a group of parapalegic street musicians who live in and around the grounds of the zoo in Kinshasa, Congo.Four singer/guitarists on makeshift tricycle-weelchairs are supported by a young all-acoustic rhythm section and a 17 year old performing infectious guitar-like solos on one-string electric lute that he built, out of a tin-can.She began singing professionally at the early age of five and, over the next 12 years, became a household name on Syria's radio, TV, and concert halls.Artist: Space: Singer-songwriter and guitarist, Alex Cuba hails from Artemisa, Cuba but currently resides in British Columbia.Their new cd, "Beyond the Forest" was recorded in the Cameroonian rainforest in the Baka Music House that was built with funds from Baka Beyond's earlier recordings.The chant music of the Baka people is an ancient tradition.Because of the Farsi-only rule, no English words appear on the site, only the Farsi equivalents.

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Their brand-new cd, "Loaded" keeps up their tradition with a collection contemporary themed songs percolating with lively insight into today's social environment.We will be hearing couple of tunes from his new self-titled cd, on the Cuban record label Caracol Records. This double-disc set from IASO Records includes a 52 minute documentary film about Dominican musician Joan Soriano, on DVD, titled "The Duke of Bachata." Maita is from the Brazilian mega-city Sao Paulo. Her father Amado Maita, a singer whose one solo album from the 70s is a coveted vinyl collectors named all three daughters after songs by the bossa nova legend Antonio Carlos Jobim.Exquisite African vocals, kalimba, and guitar from World Village.You Tube: Secret Stash Records My Space: A new recording of Afro Peruvian Music from Minneapolis-based, Secret Stash Records.The cd is a result of a field recording adventure by producer, Eric D. Wong who jams with local musicians on the streets, balconies, and bars of Lima Peru.

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