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Twenty-five thousand are so severely handicapped as to need constant care or supervision every day and practically every night, a further 132,000 needing constant day-care.

Of these 157,000 very severely handicapped, some 26,000 men and nearly 90.000 women, are aged 65 or over, two thirds of them being at least 75 years old." .

Disablement: "the loss or reduction of functional ability".

Handicap: "the disadvantage or restriction of activity caused by permanent disability".

The sample of 12,738 people interviewed, between October 1968 and February 1969, was selected on the basis of impairment.

It is therefore important to make clear where some of the 'experts' go wrong, where they are confused or where they mystify the nature of the problem (disability).".

With this approach the cause of our social difficulties is seen to be in our physical condition.

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