Dating site scams military

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But soon after, she learned that the son had had an accident at school and needed help paying hospital bills — urgently.

“Of course I was sending money again to Western Union,” Firefly says.

Then, after about a week of heavy correspondence, Firefly’s boyfriend announced his son’s birthday was coming up, and suggested she send him a gift. It was pretty gratifying, she says; the son was ecstatic.

According to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center, online romance scams account for higher financial losses than any other internet-based crime.

It’s not uncommon for victims to lose tens of thousands of dollars.

Her new boyfriend had a complicated backstory: He was an American soldier serving in Iraq, and he had a son living in Ghana.

But she had revealed to her new online beau how much she wanted children, and soon his 14-year-old son was emailing her.

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