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Google ranking is determined by a series of computer algorithm as coded by their engineers.Having top spots on Google and other "Top Search Engines" do not mean these search engines personally recognized and qualified you as the top Internet marketer of the world.Yes inviting, from the newbies and wannabies point of view, who are looking for information about Internet marketing in Malaysia and how to setup an online business.That said, I am not a newbie, I've been on the Internet for a while and suffice to say, I see things differently on websites which most people/newbies can't.Below are the claims made by e on their websites, and reasons why I find some of them misleading.Claim Number 1: Ranked World's Top 10 Internet Marketing Seminar Workshop, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Asia in Top Search Engines (Keywords "Internet Marketing Coach", "Internet Marketing Coaching", "Internet Marketing Seminar"). Why such a company which want to be considered credible use that as their main selling point?I am here to present my opinions, and questions about the claims they made which I hope would be useful to you.The first thing that struck me when I first visited their website was how inviting it was.

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For people who prefer pictures, here are the steps: When using Open ID, you should not enter your Yahoo ID and password on any website other than Yahoo.

That shouldn't be their main selling point and they should've known better.

Unless they are trying to impress all those people who don't know any better.

Open ID is an open technology standard that solves all of these problems.

The Open ID technology will allow you to use your Yahoo account to sign in to hundreds of websites! Once you enable your Yahoo account for Open ID access, you can simply tell any Open ID enabled website that you are a Yahoo user.

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