Dating the gospel of matthew

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Matthew primarily writes for the Greek-speaking Jewish Christians and Gentiles who were, at least partly, Torah observant. The relationship of Matthew to the Gospels of Mark and Luke is an open question known as the synoptic problem.The three together are referred to as the Synoptic Gospels and have a great deal of overlap in sentence structure and word choice.The cast of thought and the forms of expression employed by the writer show that this Gospel was written by Jewish Christians of Iudaea Province.Some believe this gospel was written to the Jewish community, thus explaining all the allusions to passages of the Old Testament, however, see also Great Commission (which is directed at "all nations") and Sermon on the Mount#Interpretation and Old Testament#Christian view of the Law.

If they are correct, then the Church Fathers such as Clement of Alexandria, Origen, and Jerome possibly referred to a document or documents distinct from the present Gospel of Matthew.

Throughout the remainder of the twentieth century, there were various challenges and refinements of Streeter's hypothesis.

For example, in his 1953 book The Gospel Before Mark, Pierson Parker posited an early version of Matthew (proto-Matthew) as the primary source of both Matthew and Mark, and the Q source used by Matthew. Ridderbos in his book Matthew, do not consider the apostle Matthew to be the author of this Gospel.

This Gospel contains no fewer than sixty-five references to the Old Testament, forty-three of these being direct verbal citations, thus greatly outnumbering those found in the other Gospels.

The main feature of this Gospel may be expressed in Jesus' pronouncement that "I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill" the law(). This Gospel sets forth a view of Jesus as Christ and portrays him as an heir to King David's throne, the rightful King of the Jews.

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