Dating tips for infp

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INFPs may also seek a partner who can be their best friend, companion, and helper, someone they can talk to and enjoy life with.

They may seek a partner, often another NP type (i.e., INTP, ENTP, ENFP), who enjoys what we might call the “seekers lifestyle.” INFPs preferring a more of conventional lifestyle, perhaps with an eye toward starting a family, may seek a partner who is more stable, reliable, and responsible.

Hence, the INFP can often be found helping individuals with special needs, disabilities, etc.

They may also pursue certain artistic or religious interests with vigorous devotion.

Moreover, since both NFPs and NTJs use the Fi-Te function pair, INFPs often enjoy easy rapport with these types.

Some may find themselves powerfully drawn to the strength and confidence of ETJs, although this pairing might be viewed as a mutual crutching of the inferior function (i.e., INFPs crutching ETJs’ Fi and ETJs’ crutching INFPs’ Te).

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