Dating within the workplace

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For instance, your colleague might possibly complain that your ideas are “stupid” and your work is “ridiculous.” Mean remarks, like name-calling and negative vocalization of ideas may be terribly painful for the victim.

Some abusers use mean remarks concerning their victims in the presence of other coworkers, however, others are just the opposite and will wait till they are alone with the victim before verbally offending them.

Create handouts based on the presentation's final form to provide to the attendees, being sure that they're organized in a way that will make it easy for attendees to use them as post-training references.

Do not put more than three slides per page, as the text will be too small for readers to see easily.

People that verbally abuse others in the workplace humiliate their victims making it almost impossible to talk and comfort them.

One answer is to tape-record the person doing the verbal abuse at work as he berates you.

Putting two slides on each page provides nice, large lettering.

If you print three slides per page, though, the printouts will include blank lines readers can use for note taking.

Decide where you will ask attendees for input and feedback, and make sure that you're prepared to provide relevant scenarios specific to work-related stress if no one in the group has information to add.

In addition to creating handouts based on the full presentation, also provide readers with 5 or so copies of the stress management journal page referenced within the presentation.

On presentation day, take the following steps to ensure success.

Use the Power Point presentation provided here as a helpful free resource for teaching stress management tips in your own organization.

You will need to have Power Point installed on your computer to use the free presentation provided here. The document will open as a free-standing Power Point file that you can save to your hard drive.

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