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I did not take screenshots of any of these chat pop-ups, but you don't have to take them on faith - you can perform the same experiment that I did, and see for yourself that these are the sort of messages that you receive.

After several days, the chat pop-ups stopped arriving from women and started arriving (almost, but not quite) exclusively from women (more on this site and others in the family later), as evidenced by both the physical appearances of the women and the chat links, which were to pages in the domain.

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of, which might or might not suffer similar problems - I haven't checked it out.

Again, most of the women in the photographs looked like professional models.

Many of the letter writers purported to have read "Michael's" profile, in which he solicited messages from scammers only - yet here they were messaging him anyway.

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I'll summarise the results of the fake profile first.

There were pretty much constantly at least one and often around five chat pop-up windows on the screen at a time.

Within 24 hours, the letters began accumulating in "Michael's" inbox.

without the "n"), and (more on these alternative domain names later), and redirecting upon registration from the domain

My suspicions were aroused by my friend's description of the site: drop-dead gorgeous women everywhere, constantly sending him letters and chat pop-up requests, yet for every letter read after a lady's first, he had to pay ten credits, and ten credits likewise to send a lady a reply letter - instant messaging chats cost one credit per minute after the first three (free) minutes.

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