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With my current setup I experience a pretty annoying problem tough: with a lot of music and movies the bass shakers are vibrating 60% of the time, even when people talk in a movie, while i only want my bass shakers to kick in in the event of an explosion/ car crash/ gunshot etc. For music the same thing applies i want my bass shakers to shake my couch when the beat drops in music like "Dark Horse - Kathy Perry" but i do not want the bass shakers to shake during the entire song.

So in short: I want the bass shakers to shake with even more power, but only when there is a real reason for them to shake, like an explosion in a movie.

Our prices are less then half of what other companies charge.In order for us to respond to your request for information, please include your company’s website address (mandatory) and /or phone number.Sincerely, Adam Scott [email protected] I am in my final year of industrial design(Poor student) and I wanting to use a set on this gaming throne I am designing.I am wanting to buy a aura (amp and bass shaker and power supply to set this up at my grad show) and I would like it sent via express mail that would be great if you could contact me asap.I live in New Zealand and I am finding looking up your product on ebay etc no one can send me the package.

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