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The dentures cover up most of your taste buds (located on the roof of your mouth) so taste becomes difficult, as does the sense of hot and cold.

So what are your alternatives to complete dentures? Dental implants are cylindrical titanium pieces placed into the jaw bone, on which dentists can place crowns, bridges, or support dentures.

Thinking of temporary or transitional RPDs [Figure 1], as their name implies, as a “stepping stone” will help keep in mind that they are best used as short-term appliances.

Research dating back to the 1960s indicates that partial denture wearers [Figure 2] over the years suffer more decay and gum disease than non-partial denture wearers, all other variables being equal.

The name “flipper” comes from the tongue's ability to flip them out or move them around.

Worse, the base for the support for your dentures, the ridges in your mouth where the teeth used to sit, will continue to shrink and wear away under the force of your dentures, for the rest of your life.

On the contrary and positive side, a well-constructed, accurately fitting thin metal-based removable partial denture, in a clean, plaque-free and healthy mouth, can provide a wonderful aesthetic and functional service.

This is a big point that can't be stressed enough — excellent daily oral hygiene (brushing, flossing and the use of fluoride toothpaste, supplemented by mouthrinses), regular dental check ups and scrupulous care of the RPD (leaving it out at night and cleaning it thoroughly) are all pre-requisites for successful RPDs.

RPDs constructed out of a cast vitallium or gold alloy are much lighter weight and less obtrusive than the plastic kind.

Tiny little rests and clasps are designed to grip the teeth rigidly and minimize the deflecting forces of the bite.

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