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Soon enough, as more and more pictures were scanned and the internet porn culture established itself online, people started to collect pics that looked like mind control stuff; in some instances, themed pictorials from magazines about just that.

And when image-editing software like Paint Shop and Photoshop made it to the public?

At least ones proscribed as bad by the reigning religion at the time. They’re as old as the idea of a love spell, or the need to not have to account for one's own actions. In more modern days, who can tell when it arose again? Perhaps with the rise of modern psychology, when we began to scientifically try to understand the way our minds work.

Of course quite a lot of those stories were likely excuses to cover up for licentious, unruly, or just plain bad or evil behaviours. (And if you're interested in that kind of thing, there's fiction concerning being bewitched or diabolically manipulated too.) Legends of sorcerous sway or possession of the soul go back as far as any historical document is likely to remember.

It's held the attention of man for several hundred years, and perhaps several thousand. It overlaps into all manner of other fetishes, and not just the ones that come before these words in this FAQ. It likely started in its VERY modern form in the late 1800's and early 1900's, with the tales of villains and heroes and the damsel in distress. (And if you're interested in THAT kind of story, there's plenty of those too.) Did it ever go away? If anything, with the advent of pulp fiction, spy stories, science fiction in its silver age, and even later, reports of drug and government experimentation in brainwashing, cults, and the like, the ideas of erotic mind control became only more and more plausible. So is it any wonder that with science fact and science fiction avidly looking into the areas of mind control, that the linkage between sex and mind control was far behind?

No longer was the practice some mysterious tool of quacks and villains from Republic serials.Some viewers received the kiss as happily as it rejected by others at the time.I find it quite ironic that in this instance, while the element of mind control was introduced to make the kiss acceptable to the masses, it also in turn eroticised the mind control itself.People started converting their favourite pictures or pics of their favourite celebrities into mind control pics of all sorts.There are even pages of the free and subscription sort that have been around nearly as long as Simon's EMCSA, devoted to nothing but the preservation and exhibition of Mind Control digital photo manipulation work.

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