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D(t) is the dose rate (usually in Gy/ka or micro Gy/a), which is the average dose absorbed by the sample in 1 year.If D(t) is considered constant over time, then, the equation may be expressed as follows: In this scenario, T is the age of the sample, i.e.

The dose rate is found from the summation of the concentrations of radioactive materials in the sample (internal dose rate) and its surrounding environment (external dose rate).The technique is based on the fact that certain crystal behaves as natural dosimeters.This means that electrons and holes are accumulated over time in the crystal lattice induced by surrounding radiation.The present research focuses on the dating of quartz which allows the age assessment of heated ceramics, volcanic rocks, intrafault material, or windblown sediments.ESR dating is based on the measurement of the number of paramagnetic centers in a mineral.

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