Figuring out what dating dealbreakers are

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Whenever someone bemoans their singlehood and mentions that they’ll “take anyone”, it usually comes with the silent assumption of “…that I’m actually attracted to.” It’s taken as a given that you wouldn’t want to date someone who actively repulsed you… Every relationship comes with a price of entry, because nobody’s perfect.That price is the thing that you will have to accept in exchange for being with that person.It’s also rituals that they take comfort in, a culture that they love and a community that is often central to their lives.Dating someone outside of your religion is more than just issues like “God’s ok with buttstuff because everyone knows He’s cool with technicalities”, it’s how this person will or won’t fit into your life and your future together.If there is some factor or feature that somebody finds unacceptable, you don’t get to demand that they make an exception because it’s inconvenient to you.

If their values conflict with yours and your community’s, will they be able to go along to get along, or would involving them in that side of your life mean constant confrontations between your partner and your friends?Still other dealbreakers are based on social stigma, which can affect us even when we’re unaware of it.Asian men and black women, for example, both stand at a disadvantage in dating because of the social messages conveyed about them.Not every dealbreaker is necessarily formed out of bitter experience or careful consideration.Many things that people might consider to be dealbreakers are an outgrowth of stigma, of ignorance, or of social pressure and it’s worth scrutinizing your dealbreakers and just you have them.

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