Flirting to dating

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You have to end the conversation congruent to how it started.If you spent time in the checkout line talking about mangos, don’t ask your cashier for a date.Flirting is a process that moves quickly, it’s simply talking with intention.You have to be aware from the moment you say hello that your exchange can make a difference.Instead, use statements that affirm you’re listening, A short word that goes a long way.Suggestion- When you want something in life you can’t just downright ask. In flirting when I want a free coffee or a possible upgrade, I have to make the suggestion, even if it has nothing to do with directly what I’m after, the simple suggestion, etc. Not when you are interested in getting to know a potential date a little better.Positive statements are hard to come by in most adult conversations.It’s so easy to start complaining, use egregious amounts of sarcasm and play the misery loves company card.

Positive eye contact– Shifty eyes are sometimes seen as the behavior of a liar.

There are few of us who are in so much suffering that we can’t afford to crack a smile.

Life is tough enough without us holding our good nature from each other.

Don’t weigh it down with expectation but don’t overlook the opportunity to create chemistry or make a connection.

You can change someone’s day with a smile and great attitude or totally ruin it by being a jerk.

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