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MR WILL SPENS CBE (Chairman) DR M DOROTHY BROCK OBE MR WA BROCKINGTON CBE DR HW COUSINS OBE MISS LYNDA GRIER SIR PERCY JACKSON PROFESSOR JOSEPH JONES MR HUGH LYON MC DR A MANSBRIDGE CH MR HJR MURRAY MR J PALEY-YORKE OBE MISS AE PHILLIPS MR TJ REES MR RL ROBERTS ALDERMAN EG ROWLINSON DR H SCHOFIELD MBE LADY SIMON MR JH SIMPSON MR JA WHITE MBE DR RF YOUNG (Secretary) The late Miss ER Conway and the late Canon Sir Edwyn Hoskyns were also members of the Consultative Committee. Three educational movements which affected traditional ideas on the grammar school curriculum, viz: (i) the movement for the provision of higher education for girls and women; (ii) the establishment in 1870 of a national system of elementary education which from its inception had a marked tendency to throw up experiments in post-primary education; (iii) the recognition of the importance of technical education and the beginnings of state intervention in it.40.

To consider and report upon the organisation and interrelation of schools, other than those administered under the Elementary Code, which provide education for pupils beyond the age of 11 ; regard being had in particular to the framework and content of the education of pupils who do not remain at school beyond the age of about 16. The reaction against purely general courses as reflected in the reports of the Board of Education for 1912-19-1914: the Board's Memorandum (Circular 826) on Curricula of Secondary Schools, 191318.

We desire to thank Professor IL Kandel for his memorandum on the secondary school curriculum, printed as Appendix III; Professor HR Hamley for his memorandum on the cognitive aspects of transfer of training, printed as Appendix V; and Professor F Clarke for his memorandum on some influences affecting secondary curricula in the dominions, printed as Appendix VI.

We desire also to express our thanks to the Secretary of the Committee, Dr RF Young, and to Mr RJ Telling and Mr WH Newell who in succession acted as Assistant Secretary.

To Dr Young we owe a further and a very special debt.(page numbers in brackets) Preliminary pages (i-xxxviii) Membership, Analysis, Preface, Introduction Chapter I (1-86) Development of the secondary curriculum Chapter II (87-106) The present position Chapter III (107-139) Physical and mental development of 11-16 year olds Chapter IV (140-205) The curriculum of the grammar school Chapter V (206-217) Scripture Chapter VI (218-253) English, classics, mathematics, general science Chapter VII (254-267) The School Certificate Examination Chapter VIII (268-290) Technical schools Chapter IX (291-341) Administrative problems Chapter X (342-348) Welsh problems Chapter XI (349-385) Conclusions and recommendations Appendix I (386-402) List of witnesses Appendix II (403-414) Liberal education (Young) Appendix III (415-428) Secondary curriculum (Kandel) Appendix IV (429-438) Faculty psychology (Burt) Appendix V (439-452) Transfer of training (Hamley) Appendix VI (453-464) Curricula in the Dominions (Clarke) Index (465-477) LONDON PRINTED AND PUBLISHED BY HIS MAJESTY'S STATIONERY OFFICE To be purchased directly from HM STATIONERY OFFICE at the following addresses: York House, Kingsway, London, WC2; 120 George Street, Edinburgh 2; 26 York Street, Manchester 1; 1 St.Andrew's Crescent, Cardiff; 80 Chichester Street, Belfast; or through any bookseller This report deals with a reference which was given to the Committee in 1933.This drafting Sub-Committee met on 28 occasions between March 1936 and October 1938.We take this opportunity of thanking our witnesses for the valuable evidence which they put before us, and also those other organisations and persons (whose names will be found in Appendix IB) who were good enough to furnish us with memoranda, statistics and other data bearing on our Inquiry.

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