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If he's criticizing his best friend's car, college major or girlfriend as soon as the guy has stepped out of the room, he's probably not the most supportive guy.

If he is judgmental or extra critical when they're not around, but presents himself as supportive, he may not be genuine.

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While you might only look at how he treats you when you two are out in public -- for example, noting that he opens doors for you -- be sure to pay attention to how he treats you when you two are alone.

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In order for the man you're dating to feel comfortable being authentic and genuine with you, you need to have those traits, too. The social workers also note, "It's only when we both reveal ourselves fully that the deepest, purest, most soul-nourishing love can be exchanged." So get to know your true self, then get to know the guy you're dating, and connect.

Behind syrupy raps from Naledge and Double O are popping teeny bop beats, and the guys are content in rhyming about their carefree youth and having a good time.

This shift is certainly a change of pace for the duo, but the way in which they do it signals a regression.

He may have one persona for one group of friends and one for another.

Maybe he asserts a more liberal, free-spirited side when he's with some friends, but when he's with others he shares more conservative values.

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