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If you’re not from Germany, you probably won’t get the accent right the first time, but she would be impressed by the fact that you’re trying so hard to get her attention.One of my favorite pick up lines is: Leute nennen mich John, aber Sie können mich anrufen heute Abend.(People call me John, but you can call me tonight.)Also, Ich bin kein Mathematiker, aber ich bin ziemlich gut mit Zahlen.And I want to do it just for a limited time period - and then return to my usual life ambitions.

I am out of an almost 5-year-long relationship, with the only girlfriend I ever had, and which profoundly defined every aspect of my life throughout my late teens, university and first career experiences.I’ve roamed around almost every European country, including Germany, and based on my experiences, I’ve found German women extremely easy to get along with, provided you strike the right chords.If I look back at my hookups with German women and analyse what worked distinctively for me, I would advise you to: Strike intellectual conversations Unlike women in most countries, German women are extremely well-educated and intelligent.I had many changed during the past months and came to the conclusion that I really want to try this thing I have never tried before: casual sex.I am suddenly curious about going into a nightclub and meeting someone just for sex.

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