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This change, only in the UK, was due to market research claiming that the term "ale" was outdated and costing the company sales in the youth drinking markets.

The older name was reinstated with no fanfare in 2004, when it was realised that the change had made no difference to sales.

By 1997, Scottish and Newcastle claimed that it was the most widely distributed alcoholic product in both pubs and off licences in the country.

Scottish and Newcastle announced its closure on 22 April 2004, in order to consolidate the brewing of beer and ale in the Federation Brewery site in Dunston, Gateshead, which was to pass to them with their £7.2m purchase of the Federation Brewery.

The beer is also available in British-themed pubs as a draught beer in Australia and New Zealand, brewed in the UK and imported by World Brands Australia Pty Ltd.

In 2000, the beer was renamed "Newcastle Brown" with the "Ale" being removed from the front label.Newcastle Brown Ale is traditionally sold in Britain in 1-imperial-pint (568 ml; 19 US fl oz) and, more recently, 550-millilitre (0.97 imp pt) bottles.Typically, the ale is consumed from a 12-imperial-fluid-ounce (340 ml; 12 US fl oz) Wellington glass.In 2005 brewing moved from Newcastle to Dunston, Tyne and Wear, and in 2010 to Tadcaster.Newcastle Brown Ale is perceived in the UK as a working-man's beer, with a long association with heavy industry, the traditional economic staple of the North East of England.

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