Intimidating way

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The line is constantly changing its shape awhile goals and plans tend to come and go from time to time.

Many people may find it risky; we find it reasonable for our complicated life.

An intimidating woman listens to people and gives their full, undivided attention because they understand how it feels to be judged a certain way.

While strangers, teachers, and even our own friends label us as women who are never happy or women who are too aggressive and scary, we do not care about that.

When we date, intimidating women tend to be independent.

Intimidating women do not want to have their partner walking with them to stores at the mall or watching chick flicks. Instead, we are the other half who allows our partners or boyfriends to do whatever they want to do in their life.

After hanging out and getting to know people, we start to show that we are more than just our Resting B%#@$ Face.If we want to have children at age forty, we will plan a way with or without a guy.A life as an intimidating woman is not a planned life on a straight line.When my friends got to know me, they found out that I have a very dry sense of humor with a loud cackle.If any of you are within the LMU Film School during the weekdays, I guarantee you will hear a loud cackling laugh every now and then. When people talk to an intimidating woman for the first time, they believe that they are always being judged by the woman.

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