Kubota l4310 serial numbers dating

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The manual will also tell you where on the skid steer the numbers are located. According to the Bobcat website, just call 701-678-6165 and give the customer service rep the VIN/serial number. If the VIN is obscured or is not printed in this location, it's also printed either by the oil filter or on the rear of the engine. The first of these, a number or a letter, identifies the year of production.

The second character, a letter, indicates the month of production.

Add 2000 to the number to determine the year of production, if the VIN begins with a number.

For example, if the VIN begins 3J, the tractor was made in 2003. Check the first letter against the key on the Kubota website, if the VIN begins with a letter (see References).

Check the month against the table on the Kubota website (see References).

Look at the 10th character of the vehicle identification number. Check for the model year, which will start with either a "D" or an "A." This will be followed by a single digit, or the letter "X" or "Y." The first letter (i.e.

Identify the production code out of the three different number sets.

The production code will only have a combination of five letters and numbers.

Been reissued in 2013, the Hubble Space Telescope has discovered a virtual replica.If the code is not 17 characters, it could be another manufacturer's code or the bike could have been built before 1980.Enter the YZ80 VIN into the Yamaha VIN decoder at motoverse.com, and you can get a detailed breakdown of the motorbike, including confirmation of the year code.All Vehicles model numbers, which Vehicles aren't displayed on the engine's cover sticker, begin with the letters "BF." The frame serial number, also known as the product identification number, which includes the model year, is located near the stern bracket.

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