Linksys ddns not updating Camira wab sara

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You can say...well, just get a Dyn DNS client updater s/w.

I can say...well, then don't have this "feature" in the firmware.

Int he log, you will see some thing like [initialize], and then there should be the dyndns call out. If dyndns does have the right IP address, it might be that you are constantly getting the same WAN IP address and hence, the updating was not required, whether it did call out to or not. I am about to write a "constructive" letter to netgear informing yet another bug with these "slim" routers.

I agree, Netgear used to make okay products years and years ago..these ill-written firmware releases are killing cutomers, but bringing in good money...… Netgear: FIx your 614v4 firmware and 814v2 firmware for DYNDNS!!!

In the system log, it logged the action "System successfully registered [] to [xxxxxx] in DDNS server [No]" at around everyday. On the Telus Actiontec V1000, when the dynamic external IP changes, it also changes the IP address of all on LAN, you have to go static with the LAn IP's by going into the reserve IP address for each item on LAn Telus has static IP's .dgits 63 and down dynamic IP's 64 and up I had to reserve static IP's for 2 cameras and my ds712, now when the IP address changes all itens on lan stayno-ip has DUC 3.0 which you install on your computer and it will update your dynamic every 5 minutes so you can access remotely Had a 2 hour session with telus to fix this when going out of town, had to leave my computer on 24/7 for the update client to work..installed on my computer so I could get the desktop on my computer to check my Actiontec settings.....around and around we go...!

However, I received the mail from that my domain has expired. I don't know if the problem still exists: Had a router swap, and from that time the router (WNDR3700) is set to update Dyndns. This is still happening; I get one of these email messages a day, plus occasionally a "DDNS service has been resumed" message, even though my Internet connection has been rock-solid for months.

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If you need more info please let me know what I am a total noob and am lost! I've got exactly the same problem, I'm a new owner of the DS212 since a week and it's also running the latest firmware and software.

Hello, Sorry if this has already been posted but I can't find the info out anywhere. It is running the latest software as everything is new.

I have forwarded the ports that are required (including using an alternate port to 80, due to my ISP) and have linked it to My DS center at XXXX.

I though everything was working great, I could connect at work, with my iphone, anywhere but for the last 2 nights I get an email with the title"Connection to XXXX.has been lost since 2012-03-22 GMT -"and just as it said I cannot connect to it.

Then 12 hours later I get "Connection to XXXX.has been resumed since 2012-03-22 GMT -"I find it very strange that the time stamps are the same.

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