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I paid £36 for a hard drive which was advertised for £34 on on amazon, the site is fake and and takes your money and will over charge for the hard drive you will not receive. I paid for a hard drive from they advertise on amazon, if you type -" WD 1TB MY PASSPORT ULTRA PORTABLE EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE " on amazon the site will be at the bottom of the amazon page, the second one down, It said on the site £34 but taken £36, I have put this on facebook and sent to friends and public to see to name and sham them and this should help with them being shut down, I'm also going to put it on twitter because that will help as well and I surggest you all do the same with the details you have from your bank account and web-site. I intend to hound these bastards till they are out of this illegitimate business or everyone is aware of their dishonesty. Whatever it is herewith I canncel this servics to the next possible Date. I bought a free bottle of Garcinia Plus from the web and the bottle arrived although I had to pay a shipping fee of .95I am now being direct debited 5.43 each month which I did NOT authorise for the payment of any further tablets. i asked for a return address to send back my item..I'm also going to contact the press in china and pass there details on to them and see if they get put on there news channel. I got charged 37 Pounds from AIP*CJMYSZL CO SHENZHEN from buying a 1TB Hard drive from they never delivered the item and not even an email to confirm my order. Please check and confirm Thank you and kind regards Why is this company's name on my checking account for and some change I do not recall making any purchases for this amount or authorizing anyone to take money out of my checking account it will be stocked Monday morning i was charged .10 on 1117 four times from INTERNETalso .10 on 1117 two times from NRFEE. How do I (a) get my 2 months debit back and (b) obviously I have to cancel my bank account. i sent a fake address, when i caught that they stopped responding to my emails—- DONT BUY FROM PRETTYDEAL.This Chinese company is using a false merchant address in England, "uk" so we believe, this is a Fraudulent transaction. COM ONLINESame thing happened to me on 21-9-2017 for .94 and on the 19-9-2017 .95, then I was charged 0.48 on the 5.10.2017 Not Authorized and again on the 9.10.2017 charged 0.73, Not Authorized that's 1.21 and I what a full refund .

bought spare part on on October 24th, not sure I will get it, there are multiple sites nearly identical like this, there does not come any responseto inquiry, no phone, no address, the phone number in the whois domain has nothing to do with this shop...there are multiple complaints on the net, after what they write, sometimes things come but not what has been ordered..I have never heard on most of these places.i surely have never brought anything from any of them.So again please tell what this charge is from house————85.00 dollar.I want this amount put back in my account at the bank since I only use my debt card no credit cards.[email protected] I will be looking for a response from you today.

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