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Below you will find my friend Alice’s review of Psychic Source, plus a recent update by her of what happened in the months after the reading and if it came true or not.Do you have a romance problem you dearly wish to solve?To fill you in, I have been chronically single for many years now, with little respite and even less explanation.I had therapy for nearly three years to try to figure out what my ‘problem’ is and try to overcome my personal blocks to love.For a long time, the following has been going through my mind: ‘If only I knew whether I would ever, ever meet someone, then I could relax and enjoy life while I either wait for the day to come, or totally give up on the dream and find fulfilment through cross-stitching and cats.’ Not knowing what the future holds can definitely make the present more difficult to enjoy. If you type ‘online psychic readings’ into the aforementioned popular internet search engine, you get 22.5 million results. On the recommendation of Katy, I plumped for Psychic Source, whose online shop-front is slick and professional.Before you even click through it claims that ‘Our psychics are screened to ensure authentic & accurate readings’.Note from the love queen: This made me realise that like my friend Alice, some of you may not want to call up for a psychic reading.Another recommended alternative to the chat readings offered by Psychic Source are this small and good site Storm Jewel’s Psychics who do great readings by email.

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In olden days psychics used to help people not for money but to solve their problems and in return whatever people used to give them they used to accept with happiness.

But while I gained a much better understanding of myself, it has not so far resulted in me finding The One – or even any one.

At 39 years old, I didn’t want to miss out on having a baby, so I put in motion the wheels of a long-standing contingency plan to make a baby with my gay friend, Mike.

You can go for psychic readings any number of times you may wish it can be every month, it can be every 15 days depending on the changes we experience in our day to day life, as our stars keep on changing, it's like when we go shopping and we wear new clothes, at that time we are happy but after few months we see new clothes in the market and then we are tempted to again go for fresh shopping, similarly whenever you feel you need a Psychic Reading then you can go for as many readings you may wish.

Now I hope it is clear that why we need a Psychic reading, and for that what you have to do is that email me only your name and a picture if possible, with your questions and I will then email you in details about the same.

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