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I've been watching review videos produced by the uk music store, and recently there have been a few videos saying that the DSL40C is discontinued. I see no sign of that on other online store sites like, but I'm curious why they would think this if it's not true. I believe it to be a 1974 head case and chassis, with a slightly older 2203 circuit thrown in.I have a DSL15H which I like quite a lot but a DSL40C is on my list of things to consider for an upgrade. But I don't know enough about PCB and component differences to date the insides.All information will be put on this thread strictly for the purpose of having better information on how many of these amps are around etc... Name- (forum name)*: Location: Amp Model: Serial Number: Date finished (if known**): * If you aren't comfortable giving out your real name (first/last), your Orange amp forum name is fine.** Date finished is usually found on an inspection tag inside the amp. If you register an amplifier and sell it down the road, for the sake of keeping this list as accurate as I can...I do know that I haven't heard of a 1974 2203, since they came out in '75.It has two inputs, but says Super Lead on the back. Hello all to all new to fourm actually its my first time on and asking a question.Is there a different model number/name, or are a lot of companies just posting the wrong picture?I know it's been asked before but my Marshall Code 50 sounds realy muffled.

Model: Orange combo 2*12 Serial Nr.: 61683 Name- (forum name)*: Tibor Balogh (Tibor) Location: Halle/S.To register your amp(s) on this thread is very easy.Email BILLY [email protected] heading with ORANGE (something along those lines) the Orange model number (AD30, Rockerverb 50, OR80M, speaker model, reverb, drums, etc..) Your Orange amp forum name (If you are a member here), and/or real name.Best Andi Hey, It's already the second code 50 I get and I can still hear some sizzle feedback noise when I got my headphones plugged in (and actually it continues even when I plug them out with the speaker of the amp) Is there any way to get rid of them?Thanks I need to replace the footswitch, preferably with a heavy duty one.

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