Mormon dating events sites

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They have since added critiques for other sites such as Richard Packham and the Tanner's Utah Lighthouse Ministry.

First, before we let the critics and others that contributed to MT go on the defense, please see this recent well-done video about Mormon apologist's tactics, especially by Scott Gordon, president of FAIR.

Gordon presents two lists of references that he claims proves the church is being open and honest about Joseph Smith's polygamy and the translation method of the Book of Mormon.

UPDATE - 10/16/14 FAIR's Review of Mormon Think: Link is here.Mormon Think was largely obscure until FAIR came along.First they mentioned it in their 2009 conference which caused MT hits to double. It's 1985: the Reagans are in the White House and Death swings the scythe of AIDS.In Manhattan, Prior Walter tells Lou, his lover of four years, he's ill; Lou bolts.

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