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I know it makes some people uncomfortable, and I'm kind of insecure about it, but I've never had anyone, ever PM me and say, ''I wish you wouldn't have said that.'' It's always ''Thank you for saying that.'' And I really don't know how to be any other way.

If you know you are a freak, you can either embrace it or try to be someone else, and I don't really want to be anyone else.

The first time I saw that I thought somebody was doing a Joe job on Wesley Clark by joining as "Wesley Clark Clark" and hoping to pass as him while causing trouble. A couple of days ago for a few seconds I thought that I might be a sock.

Not two that I don't realize, but, when I signed up last month, I ran into an issue with Firefox which prevented me from making an account on several attempts.

by which time I was getting considerably more sloppy with my typing, so the user name came out as "AI Proofreaer." The irony of both of these things - signing up to post in a thread about automation taking over most jobs and not being able to prove I'm not a robot, and also misspelling "Proofreader," made me consider leaving it like that for the humor value..

but I ended up re-registering with a different email to fix it I know it won't happen, but what I want is, after the "Banned" label under a user name, a notation as to why. I think "Ok, guess I won't reply to the OP, they were banned.

I PM'd engineer_comp_geek about it as soon as I realized.

I've got this page open in another tab right now and you're "Darren Garrison Garrison" in all of your posts, but "running coach", "Sunny Daze", "John Mace", and "Spice Weasel" are all shown normally.

Everybody else has a one-word name and is immune to the bug.

I was a lot more mentally unstable then, which didn't help.

The truth is I'm just an unusually open person, I really just don't see the point of that sort of walls-up ''that's a private matter'' song and dance bullshit people do, and I forget that other people are not that way.

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