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Western Unions attitude was, these people have loads of fake id's if one stops working, they'll use another one!

I asked Western Union why they did n't warn me about sending money to Romania, and that scamming was rife in the country - he told me, the worst place is London, and being from the UK what could I say!!!

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New, atonal, music was written, new types of theatre evolved and new instruments invented to bring about this utopian age; Arseney Avraamov conducted a huge symphony of sirens involving warships, factory hooters and artillery and proposed the destruction of all pianos to free music of fixed tonation.Analog Synthesiser (12) Analogue Sample (3) Armand Givelet (3) Canada (3) Computer (10) Computer Music (4) Digital Synthesiser (9) Dr Freidrich Trautwein (3) Early Electronic Music (4) Edouard Coupleux (2) Electro-acoustic (2) Electronic Instrument (3) Electronic Music (10) Electronic Music Studio (5) Electronic Musical Instrument (6) Film soundtrack (2) France (9) Germany (23) Graphic Synthesiser (4) GROOVE System (2) Hammond Organ (2) Harald Bode (7) Heterodyning (10) John M Hanert (4) Jörg Mager (3) Laurens Hammond (3) Leon Termen (5) Max Mathews (4) Modular Synthesiser (4) NASA (3) Optical Synthesis (3) Organ (3) Oskar Vierling (4) Photoelectric (16) Pierre Schaeffer (2) Russia (17) Sampler (2) Telharmonium (3) Theremin (4) Tone Wheel (10) Transistor (10) United Kingdom (9) USA (34) Vacuum Tube (57) Winston E.Kock (4) 120 Years of Electronic Music* is a project that outlines and analyses the history and development of electronic musical instruments from around 1880 onwards.I want to write it down, so other people don't get duped, like I did.What I did do, was to ring Western Union, talked to their fraud department, told them I thought I'd been scammed by a man pretending to be a woman, and they have blacklisted the name I sent the money to, so at least for that particular identity, he won't be able to get any money from Western Union again.

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