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Simply put, you won't find another criminal lawyer who works hard to keep you out of trouble.

With a wide range of client needs, we offer timely, competent and sometimes relentless service on a diversity of legal issues.

If you are struggling with custody arrangements or the difficult task of separation, we can help.

Protect you children by making sure your rights are not infringed.

You, or a loved one, spouse, or child enter an outpatient or inpatient detox center for the detoxification and withdrawal process, likely medically-assisted with Subutex or similar prescription medication.

Heroin craving can persist years after drug cessation, particularly when the addict is exposed to triggers such as people or emotions, or places, and things they associate with drug use.

Civil Litigation and Tax In addition to representing people who need a New Hampshire criminal defense lawyer or an injury attorney in Massachusetts or New Hampshire, we offer an array of services to business and individuals in the areas of civil litigation and tax.

From contracts to contract disputes and formation of business organizations like limited liability companies and corporations, let our knowledgeable tax and business attorney's help navigate you most complex decisions and disputes.

We provide personal injury attorneys for all types of accidents. We understand that your problems extend beyond banker's hours, and that's why we offer a free live chat 24/7.

Whether you need a personal injury attorney or a criminal defense lawyer in New Hampshire or Massachusetts, the team at Anzalone Law has you covered.

With over 50 years of combined knowledge and experience at our disposal, you can trust the Anzalone Law Firm to provide your best defense.

Be prepared for the difficult times, and let the Anzalone Law firm guide you through.

Child custody, parenting plans, child support order, separation, alimony, divorce, decision of assets and other matters of the NH family court and Massachusetts require the know how and experience of aggressive yet empathic attorneys. We work towards a quick resolution whenever possibly, and are prepared to fight long and hard if necessary.

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