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For more information on Parameter Validation refer to the about_functions_advanced_parameters help topic. The number of characters (0) in the argument is too small.Specify an argument whose length is greater than or equal to “1” and then try the command again.But if Value Changed hasn't been raised yet, the Binding understands that you didn't change the Value property, and it doesn't update the data source.

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Among other controls there was also a Numeric Up Down (NUD) control and I thought: well if I specifiy the min value and the max value then the user is not able to input a wrong value; This works fine, but there is one exception. If you show then the value of the NUD again with the above code then you get the last value that was present in the NUD control; as shown below: This can also be explained.

Text Box Use this control when you have text information such as a name.

If there is a size constraint on the data, then use the Text Box’s the Max Length property to limit the number of characters the user can enter.

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