Opi dating a royal dupe

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These are similar but not dupes, I'm Not Really A Waitress is more of a true red than Red-y & Willing is. The difference between these 2 was more noticeable in person. Clearly no dupes here, they are very different in both the finish and the shade of purple.

I used 1 coat of Rendezvous With You and 2 coats of Neeka for the photo.

Today I have a ton of comparisons for you, these are for all of the Fall 2013 Collections I've reviewed so far including OPI, China Glaze, Zoya & Essie.

There were a bunch that you guys wanted to see that unfortunately I couldn't do for reasons like not owning the polishes you wanted to see compared or just not being able to find them in my stash.

Sunshine is more like a denim blue and Lapis leans more metallic.

They are very close though, unless you REALLY like blue you don't need both.

After School Boy Blazer was a bit darker and looked a bit more black next to Incognito In Sausalito (they are seriously very close though, I'm just nit picking! Roadhouse Blues was more purple toned than the other 3, and Passport Blue was lighter than the other 3...those slight difference were easier to see in person than it is to see in the photo. OPI Keeping Suzi at Bay vs China Glaze First Mate vs OPI I Saw... No dupes here, Every Month Is Oktoberfest is the closest of anything I could find but the base is quite different and the shimmer is more hidden. OPI Muir Muir On The Wall vs OPI Midnight In Moscow vs Nicole by OPI Shoot For The Maroon.

No dupes here either though I feel like Muir Muir On The Wall is kinda like Midnight In Moscow on steroids! Ki is the oddball here, it's more purple/green than either of the other polishes.

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I used 2 coats of DS Lapis and Sunshine and 3 coats of Skyscraper for the photo below.

Designer De Better is somewhat similar to Gossip Over Gimlets but the flakes of shimmer is pretty different which gives it a bit of a darker appearance.

I used 2 coats of each polish for the photos below.

Alright, so these 4 are not dupes but they are all very similar...similar enough to not need all of them. No dupes here, First Mate was pretty close to Keeping Suzi At Bay but it's a touch darker and a little bit more dusty. No exact dupes here either, Manhunt is also pretty close to Keeping Suzi at Bay but it's a little bit brighter (it's slight but more noticeable in person). Skyfall and Pepper are pretty darn close though, Skyfall is the slightest bit darker but not by much..difference was more noticeable in person but again..was very slight.

Incognito In Sausalito and After School Boy Blazer are the closest dupes of the 4 but not quite as close as they look in the photo. Brownstone while close to both Skyfall and Pepper was more brown than both which is failing to translate in the photo. OPI Muir Muir On The Wall vs OPI Every Month Is Oktoberfest vs Vamperstdam.

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