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In the season premiere, Grace and Frankie go to a bank to apply for a loan for their vibrator business, only to have the banker turn them down because he’s afraid that they won’t live long enough to pay it back.

It’s a hilarious scene that lampoons the expectations society has for elderly women.

They’re supposed to fade quietly in the background, but not Grace and Frankie.

In the very next episode, they go to a tech incubator (sadly not a chicken incubator like Frankie hopes for) in hopes of getting the money.

Grace refuses to wear hers, but it saves the day when Frankie has a mini-stroke after they leave a business meeting.

Frankie learns that she suffered another stroke about ten years ago, which left a lesion on her brain, making it incredibly likely that she’ll have another one.

Grace is shocked to learn that they’re having actual “penis in vagina” sex, as last season Frankie wasn’t sure if she was ready for the level of intimacy.

Grace questions as to why someone at her age would even need a condom, as there’s no chance at pregnancy, but Frankie points out that just because they’re old, it doesn’t mean that they couldn’t be having casual sex with multiple partners.

Brianna isn’t the most maternal or loving person–she refers to her heart as “that red bloody thing”–but she realizes that she’s ready to move forward in her relationships.Unfortunately, she realizes this after breaking up with Barry in episode two.The season ends with her in Baltimore, attempting to win him back. She decides to leave Mitch, as she realizes that her relationship lacks the passion of Robert and Sol’s.But part of growing older is learning to accept help, even when it might seem embarrassing.After both Grace and Frankie fall and can’t get up, Bud buys them life alerts.

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