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This song does not appear on the soundtrack, and is not performed by any band in the film.

The most famous version was recorded by Jazz legend Herb Alpert and it's actually hummed by Axel, Billy and later Sarge, which Billy ID's for him as the theme music to "The Dating Game".

The Kardashian sisters even posted a series of photos and videos on Snapchat of them eating Mc Donald's World Famous Fries before the party kicked off!

During the party, guests played a nursery rhyme–themed game and Khloé made a speech. Teigen's husband, John Legend, later joined them.

In Real Life, of course, it was once a common practice for elevators to have soft instrumental music piped in as a means to relax the nerves of jittery or claustrophobic passengers, this also being the rule for department stores/shopping malls and grocery stores/supermarkets.

However, this fell out of favor in the 1990s and ever since the noticeably smaller number of places (including the relatively few elevators) that music will have the actual songs rather than the instrumental knock-offs, making this in general a Forgotten Trope, and a Dead Horse Trope in the case of this song.

Usually an integral part of an Uncomfortable Elevator Moment.

Written by prolific sports theme composer Keith Mansfield in the Seventies, it's so upbeat that you have to work hard not to feel excited.

If a character enters an elevator for any reason, the music playing on its speaker system — regardless of the program's genre — is almost always some version of "The Girl from Ipanema" by the great Antônio Carlos Jobim.

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